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We’d like to thank the dozens of people who have provided ideas, insight and feedback on the concept and construction of the Fork app. It would not have been possible without contributions from the wider Fork community. We consider all of you part of our Team.

Mark Briggs

Proprietor of “Dad’s Steakhouse,” where the idea for the Fork app was born (thanks to his daughter Ellie), Mark is partial to grilling, homemade pizza and fresh bread (using a box mix, of course). Mark has also spent considerable time running digital media departments at newspapers and a local television station, written books on digital and entrepreneurial journalism and spoken at conferences and workshops around the world. He’s @markbriggs on Twitter.

Scott Falconer

Scott is the technology development force for Fork. He is the founder and chief architect of Bantler, a mobile app launched in 2008 to help users discover the “deal of the day.” He also served as lead developer for Augme Technologies, Senior Architect for Jagtag, and is technology consultant to a number of early-stage companies.

Lauren Rabaino
Creative director & lead designer

Lauren is creative director and the lead designer for Fork. She is the former creative director at CoPress and product designer at Publish2. She also has built several immersive applications as associate news producer of, an award-winning news website.

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